Each year, we receive emails asking about our event. Here the answers to some of the most often asked questions:

 “I’ve done quite a bit of other sport and I fancy riding my first cyclocross race at NovaCross. Is the GoCross the right event for me?”

Yes, absolutely. The GoCross is indeed the race for first timers to the  sport and caters for a wider range of abilities and machines than the National A age group races. Typically the ground conditions are a little less difficult. The regulations around rider’s dress and machine are more relaxed. Expect the front end of the race to be razor sharp  competitive and the back markers to be having a laugh…

“I’ve heard that the senior men’s and women’s races are subject to some kind of rule where slower riders get automatically removed from the race. I’m worried I won’t get a full race”

We have a highly experienced UCI Commissaire overseeing these races. Here are his actual words…”The UCI regulations require that lapped riders are withdrawn from the race and the UCI appointed Chief Commissaire has the discretion to apply the 80% rule, whereby any rider whose time being 80% slower of that of the race
leader’s first lap will be pulled out of the race. The decision has been
made that the 80% rule WILL NOT be applied in these races. Arrangements for lapped riders will be communicated on the day” It may be that if the commissaire becomes concerned that a rider is about to be lapped in such a way that the outcome of the race may be altered action may be taken. Please be assured that our commissaire is well on-board with this, he understands that spectators want to see bike riders!

“Some of your races say NO MTB. I have a bike that isn’t a cyclocross bike that I’d like to ride…or perhaps have as a spare bike in the pits. Where do you stand on this?”

Sorry, if it looks like a mountain bike to our Race Director, then it is a mountain bike as far as the adult races go. Handlebars that are not dropped, suspension  are the key characteristics. The event regulation is there for good reason, fair competition in our national level races…for better, for worse. Don’t forget that the GoCross is open to any machine with two brakes and a freewheel.

“Are there any changing facilities?”

We have hired Knaresborough Pool for the exclusive use of competitors. There are heated changing rooms and lovely hot showers. Please, please, please….do not leave half of Conyngham Hall or the Horseshoe Fields on the entrance carpet. No muddy shoes and strip muddy outer layers off before entering.

“Is there anywhere else I can find more information before the day?”

All pre entrants will be emailed a Race Technical Manual. This document has all the information a competitor needs. Please read it carefully especially the section which details from which direction to approach the venue.

“The GoCross has a ‘pre-declared SSCX’ option. What’s all that about?”

SSCX stands for Single Speed Cyclocross. This is a niche style of cyclocross where competitors ride on a bike with only one gear. This means the riders have to just get on with whatever gear the bike has.    SSCX almost has a cult following in the USA, with riders very often wearing fancy dress.